Saturday, 15 October 2011

Drawing The Line Between Vanity & Preserving Beauty

Vanity demands attention; beauty attracts it.

We all want to look our best: some of us can do it in little time, others require a full blown 3 hours; either way looking your best or taking time to get ready can be easily misinterpreted as an act of self-indulgence. Do you think because you arrange your hair in a certain way, block out your weekends for nurturing your mind, body&soul and take pride in caring for yourself are acts of vanity? Or genuine self-care?

I notice that when I take time to appreciate myself in the mirror, all sorts of comments are thrown at me - either I'm full of myself, vain or I've turned into a bimbo. My actions are perceived as narcissistic by other people - but that certainly isn't my belief. When I look at myself in the mirror, I admire the reflection. I go deep within myself and look squarely into my eyes saying: "Today I will be beautiful; today I will be the best I can". Honestly, adopting such kind and loving self-affirmations have attracted the right comments, right people and increased my self-confidence.

Vanity is a behaviour and a belief going beyond a healthy view of appreciating your unique image Vanity is excess pride in one's appearance and abilities.

Alarmingly, I've come across women who have all this beauty knowledge and will scorn or belittle other women for NOT caring for their body - I consider such behaviour vain. There is no need to impose views or criticise others for not taking the time to indulge in their own appearances - if anything I've come to understand many women feel trapped in their self-loathing or guilt to love their body.

It's time to create the middle ground in the midst of the black and white world of beauty. Create harmony and balance when preserving your beauty because its YOUR time to relish in your uniqueness.

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