Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bare Minerals Campaign For Inner Beauty

What makes a woman beautiful? bareMinerals new campaign is championing inner beauty and has "set out to find beauty". The thirst to challenge the world of beauty and start a trend of healthy beauty beliefs is the crux of InnerBellissima. So here's the story behind bareMinerals successful slogan of  "Be A Force of Beauty"

271 women were invited (all models were blind casted) to answer right questions about their attitude to life and their impact on the world around them. The team narrowed down their respondents to 78 phone interviews (again this is without seeing their faces). 26 women were called back, which finally led to "five forces of beauty" been chosen. 

More than just embodiments of physical beauty, the judges chose these women according to their ethos of: "beauty is what you do with it". Each of the women chosen (who are gorgeous!) has steered their live towards their dreams, despite nagging naysayers and challenging circumstances. Ultimately, this is what makes a women their true beauty she is - a powerful and determined force who isn't ready to take no for answer. What I loved about the message was that a women needn't be afraid to shine because ultimately, their inner beauty is what changes their world for the better. 

Check out their advert campaign!