Sunday, 6 May 2012

How Eva Fraser's Facial Exercises Made Me Make Peace With The Mirror

I remember meeting Eva Fraser, the guru of facial exercises in the summer of 2010. I had approached her with a view to doing an interview on how she became the guru of tightening droopy eyelids, sagging jowls and flabby cheeks. To make sure I understood her techniques, I asked if she could give me a show 'n' tell of her facial exercises. Whether I enjoyed it or not, I had to look in the mirror in bright day light to examine my face and look at the areas I wanted to tone. This was the time I could either cave into internal criticism or learn to make peace with myself. I felt uncomfortable. The mirror and I were enemies, especially with this amount of bright light. The voice of criticism was sparked: "your cheeks are flat, your eyes are hollow, your nose is bent, your lips are too thin...". On and on it went. I wanted this annoying voice to shut up. I had come in search for natural anti-ageing techniques, or better still, a literal hands-on-method without having to resort to plastic surgery later on in life.

So what did I do? Well, as simple as it sounds, I fully brought my mind into the present moment. I was there to learn; not judge myself on how attractive I was. I wanted solutions; not obstacles. I began zooming in to every technique Eva was showing me because my time with her was precious. It's no easy task silencing the mind, but it sure was worth it. Doing facial exercises meant I had to look in the mirror each day, which I began to do with mindfulness; it was a technique I began enjoying and with each passing day I appreciated the gift I was given by a wise lady. Thank you Eva Fraser! 

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  1. hey you doing??? came to your blog after a loooong time :) do share the tips she gave you sometime!!!