Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How To Help Your Teenager Daughter Feel Beautiful

Prolific Writer: Agnes Jimenez

The world of teenagers can be harsh especially when it comes to being beautiful. There will be times when your daughter comes home saying: "Mum, I'm not as beautiful as Clarissa/Jane/Britney; I wish I had her hair and flawless skin. All the boys fancy her because she's beautiful". Understandably, for any mother, they must think how can this child believe she's not beautiful? Unfortunately, this is the start of girls questioning themselves whether they're worth attention or even considered beautiful by society.

This week's post looks at how parents can encourage their child to feel better about themselves and was kindly provided by Agnes Jimenez, a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and currently partners with in spreading awareness about troubled and depressed teenagers. You can follow her on Twitter @empressofdrac

There are many things that upset children and teenagers. For girls, as they grow up, they become focused on their looks. It seems like everywhere is telling your daughter to wear makeup, dress like an adult and be a size 0. It is extremely worrying for parents and affects a girl's self-esteem in many ways. Here are some tips on how to help your daughter with worries about her looks.

Let Her Know You Are There
The first step in helping your daughter is to let her know that you are there. The worst thing that you can do is pressure her into talking to you or demanding that she let you know the problem. You also need to avoid walking away from her when she does want to talk or telling her that it is now or never. These will just make her bottle everything up and feel worse about herself.
 When looking at how to help your troubled daughter, let them constantly know that you are there to listen when she is ready to talk. Let her do it in her own time but know that you will not judge her for her thoughts and feelings. Knowing that you are there and being reminded of that will help them build the courage to talk and build trust.  
Tell Her She Is Pretty
Hearing compliments helps with building self-confidence so tell your daughter that she is pretty on a regular basis. This is especially the case when your daughter is not wearing any makeup or has not brushed her hair. Do this while she is on the way to school every morning; she may not appreciate it at first or may not know how to handle the compliment, but it will stick in her subconscious after time.
 Moms could opt for a girl's day out. A great option is to go for a spa treatment, such as massages, manicures and relaxing treatments. These will help to give you the chance to spend time together and will offer a safe environment for your daughter to open up to you.
 Listen to What She Is Not Saying
Some girls will be subtle in talking about their problems so you will need to listen to words that she is not saying. Younger girls may use imaginary friends and older girls will say the problem is one of another friend at school as a way to tell you something that is happening. Listen to everything that they are saying and never judge. It is likely that they are after advice while testing if they can trust you not to judge.
 You may find that your daughter asks hypothetical questions to find out how you will react. Answer these questions with an open mind and be aware that this is often a test. Daughters play these tricks as a way to make sure you were honest when you said that you would not judge. It also helps to avoid embarrassment when they are talking about their worries or troubles.
 Listen to Her Dreams and Wants
You need to help build your daughter's self-esteem in other ways to help her feel better about the way she looks. Take the time to listen to what she wants to do with her life and the aspirations she has. They may be completely different to your wants for her but it is important to support her. Some girls dream of being a ballerina so support her in that but offer advice along the way. This will help her to have a backup plan but know that you will always be there if something does go wrong. She will be more willing to turn to you with an issue.
 Helping your daughter is all about offering her support. You need to help build her confidence in herself so that she is not relying onthe media and magazines to tell her. She needs to be comfortable in her own skin and the way that she looks so that others accept her for who she is.