Sunday, 13 May 2012

Transformation At The Flick Of A Make Up Brush - What We Can Learn From Promise Tamang Phan's Tutorial Videos

Here at InnerBellissima I have one rule: make up is used as a tool of self-expression and as means to highlight your best features. Well, some of us use it for that purpose; but Nepalese make up artist Promise Tamang Phan has caught worldwide attention through her YouTube channel. Promise transforms herself into different people...mainly celebrities like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson and Michael Jackson. She spearheads each look with steady handed patience and creativity.

It got me thinking on the day-to-day use of cosmetics: women magazines are bombarded with products, all seemingly, suited for several skin types, shades and flawlessness. There are countless correctors, concealers, colours, all of which, are aiming for the same goal: perfect looking skin. I can't help but feel the marketing and media is sucking the life out of this beautiful creative tool Promise has demonstrated.

In fact, it has never been easier to transform ourselves through cosmetic skills - just take a look at all the make up tutorials available on YouTube; we're so spoilt for choice. The point I want to make is this: Are we after cosmetic mastery or idealistic perfectionism when it comes to our faces? Do we have fun applying make up or are does the obsession of covering up flaws gnaw at you? Have a think.....

Check out Promise's chameleon looks here: <script src=""></script>