Sunday, 18 December 2011

There Are No Ugly Women... Just Lazy Ones

Is the title of the blog (one of Helena Rubinstein's mantras about beauty) a thought that has hit you between the eyes? Has it challenged the status quo that not every woman has je ne sais quois beauty. Or is it a contradiction to inner beauty?

I know I've thrown a lot of food for thought questions because I see a paradigm of guilt, shame, laziness, belligerence, confusion and dilemma about beauty: swinging from intense hours of physical grooming or downright vain. What I'm trying to encourage here is for each woman to step up from mediocrity to fabulousness. As much as I love to see women who are humble about their looks, conversely, I equally enjoy a woman flaunting herself like a peahen, thriving in her femininity, feeling proud of her inner and outer beauty in her body. Sadly though, I see very many beautiful women carry a negative, dark vibe about themselves. All I want to do is shake them and say: "Look you're really beautiful, just make some effort with yourself".

Admittedly, I'm one of those women who at times rushes out without bothering to spark my beauty glow; on go the clothes, shovelling of the breakfast in my mouth and then scrambling to the train station. I then wonder, why I feel like such an ugly mess when I arrive at the office. As soon as I get up, I'm in rush/panic/anxious mode, instead of immersing myself into a peaceful/happy/beautiful sphere. 

The false belief that modern women need not be concerned with their outward appearance and proudly announce their personality and inner beauty is what counts, is a false belief I see many use to fob of taking care of themselves. What I'm trying to understand is why and how does a woman feel lazy, unmotivated, lost or simply self-sabotage herself into locking away her beauty?

I believe this type of thinking keeps many women secretly locked into a lack-lustre relationship with themselves, their body and inner beauty. Much as some would like to spend time time in a lavish beauty ritual, the kids, the husband, the boyfriend or simply not hearing the alarm clock in the morning, become the looming obstacles to exercising our inner beauty. True beauty is about gelling the kindness, humility and generosity, as well as the physical maintenance of the body - remember its all about balance.


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