Saturday, 1 October 2011

Have We Lost Our Beauty Knowledge?

In 1825 England, The Art of Beauty, a small guide was anonymously published for English women, with beauty recipes for lip salves, face and hand creams; all natural ways to nurture the skin. 186 years ago women were taught what substances and ingredients soaked into their pores. In this guide, the (anonymous) author encourages a natural approach to skin care instead of using artificial products. 
I feel the skin care story is slightly different these days. Fast forward to 2011: there are hundreds of beautifully packaged, “intelligently” crafted creams convincing us that big beauty brands concretely know what most women would like from their products : “hope in the jar” solutions.
Ok, I agree, to a certain extent these luxury brands understand women’s regular skin quibbles – but that isn’t beauty knowledge; L’Oreal doesn’t teach you what your skin requires. To an extent, each women knows what her skin needs; so why then, do we splash out on expensive creams without trying the alternative, holistic path first? Is it because of time? Or perhaps you don’t know where to begin? There are hundreds of articles, blogs and tips to guide you on what is suitable for your skin. 
You may ask, what does this have to do with inner beauty? I believe taking care of ourselves speaks volumes of  about our self-respect, as well as enhancing our mood. Have you noticed when you’re feeling down you can immediately pick yourself up by slathering on a face-mask? Or heading down to the beauty salon for a make-over? Through a beauty regime, be it simple or complicated, I’ve concluded, I’ve come to love my body, i cherish it for what it is. I won’t deny there are things I would like to change but I thank god for what I have. 
Nurturing our bodies is part and parcel of encouraging the beauty within: remember you are the only one who truly understands your body. Natural beauty remedies were taught for a reason – so go ahead and tap into an ancient beauty knowledge.


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