Saturday, 1 October 2011

There is a Frieda Pinto In All Of Us

Freida Pinto’s recent comment about how “hideous” she felt whilst speaking to her beau Dev Patel over Skype made the world question why she felt insecure.
She fell prey to her ego’s voice of not being perfectly primped and dolled up, as she watched herself reflected on the skype screen. She didn’t exactly feel like a crowned beauty; but more like a dethroned queen whose insecurities threw her off her throne. 
It doesn’t surprise me she feels this way: She belongs to a world where ugliness, wrinkles, or even no make-up has the newspapers printing feature, after feature, proving that these women are not really that beautiful; its just cosmetics highlighting their perfect bone structure. 
On reading this, I asked myself: Why is she picking holes in her flawless beauty? The rest of the world oohh and ahhs over her – so what’s the issue? Is she trying to fish for more complements? Or are her doubts sincere? 
I honestly believe her bout of insecurity showed that despite thousands of compliments thrown at her, she lost sight of what made her beautiful. To Dev, it didn’t matter whether she had a chic chignon, or if her dark under eye circles were revealed: he saw her beauty. Nothing more, nothing less. But for Freida, she felt it was a “pressure” for her hair to look right. 
Perhaps she got used to sexy pouting, but a pout do not a beauty maketh. 
Beauty lies within exposing your true self, not caring about how you have to look, but just merely being YOU and casting away the standards set up by society. 
When we see ourselves in the mirror every bump or asymmetric ine encourages the vicious voice within, whispering confirmations of your lack, ever so softly and gently.  You’re under its claws. But are you willing to fight back and challenge the monster? That’s the question….

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