Sunday, 25 March 2012

Maintaining Your Beauty Through Cancer

Last night I was introduced to a beautiful, fun-loving blonde friend. Now, whilst she sucked on a dainty cigarette, she said something interesting: "I spend so much money on my face and my body to maintain it!". (I felt it too rude to ask if she opted Botox or plastic surgery, but didn't see the tell tale signs). Here, I was chatting away with a bubbly blonde, who non-nonchalantly complained about several things: including her wrinkles and how her roots were showing; when ironically, we were two streets down from Harley Street, the most famous medical street in the world, where hundreds of ill patients seek expert treatment for cancer. Any type of cancer can leave even the most beautiful woman feel unfeminine and questioning whether she is beautiful.

The point I'm trying to make is: those who have beauty often get sidetracked by insecurities, leading them to hundreds of ways and means to maintain it. As the saying goes: "You don't what you've got until its gone". It got me thinking about women battling with cancer who look for ways to soften the blows of cancer: they search for ways to maintain their femininity, their physical beauty and their mindset, whilst they watch how cancer takes its toll on their physical appearances. I began searching for videos on cancer and inner beauty (which I've posted below) to see how cosmetics is used as a tool to bring out a woman's femininity. I felt these woman began to appreciate and understand simple ways and techniques to harness the healing process. Some opted for health eating, others sought out glossy, real human hair wigs and others tuned into yoga. All in all, when I researched this topic, I could see female cancer patients, even if their exterior appearance was crumbling, they picked up the pieces and cemented a whole new beautiful person!

I hope these videos shed light on inner beauty and what it means to feel beautiful :0) Enjoy

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