Sunday, 25 March 2012

One Man's Journey to Show Men that Inner Beauty Should Be Acknowledged

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Online dating: is a hot bed of harsh, or often judgemental comments on people's profile, who may not always be on the supermodel list, but have qualities, characteristics or a je ne sais quois sex appeal that isn't always picked up from virtual reality. 

One man, however, is determined for people, especially men, to see beyond pretty faces. Ex-D.J Jonathan Marga Luhur, launched for Indonesians, after having first-hand experience of always having been surrounded by gorgeous faces in the entertainment field. He understood how man can be intoxicated by a woman's exterior appearance and sadly side line her character; when in fact, she could be the ideal women for him. Ultimately, he believes, it's a woman's attitude, characteristics, goals and hobbies, which shows her true beauty and this is what men should  acknowledge. 

I would love to hear your comments, opinions and thoughts if you've tried online dating and feel like you're being judged on your looks. After all, what has attracted you to that person? Looks? Personality? Or both? I look forward to reading your comments :0) 


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